New Amazon carding methods

Recently, many carders have become interested in the way of earning with the help of Amazon. This is a fairly easy-to-use platform for implementing various carding methods, but many newbies still face problems. The most common problems for beginners: poor quality ss, improper use of VPN, a small amount of money on the card. In this article, I will tell you some tips that will help bring earnings on Amazon to a new level. All of them are checked in 2019 and you can become a professional carding after reading this article and earn a lot of money. Let’s start!

Most carders charge a fee for learning different carding techniques. This option may not be suitable for everyone since beginners usually have not earned enough money yet. They can’t pay a hundred bucks or more to a person to train them.

Therefore, beginners usually just buy СС and try to deal with carding on their own without additional training. This is also not the best option. Most likely, newbies will be deceived by scammers, since the cc they buy will be with false information or it will be very difficult to figure it out. Also, beginners should not use a free, randomly generated code. Remember, it is impossible to make a successful purchase on the Internet with the help of random code.

For all newbies, I have a simple solution to their problem. Practice learning yourself and don’t buy methods from other untested carders. After reading this article, you can understand all the nuances of carding with the help of Amazon. You will become a confident carder and you can earn money yourself without spending a lot of effort.

What you need when you do Amazon carding

To start carding, you will need to make a small cash investment. You will need to buy ss, download / buy quality VPN, shocks, and fast internet. All this needs to be for you to work efficiently and to be completely safe. Nobody wants the police to come to his house. But don’t worry, if you stick to my instructions, all your purchases will be successful.

A list of what you may need when carding on Amazon.

1. CC. Buy information only from trusted vendors. Many scammers on the Internet want to deceive you.

2. Non-VBV CC. This is information about the cardholder and card, which does not require confirmation of Visa (non vbv cvv).

3. VPN. Here you also need to be careful, since the VPN must be of high quality and always work perfectly. From this depends on not only the success of your purchase but also your safety.

4. Socks 5. You can use Port & Proxy instead of VPN, they are about equally useful for carders.

5. Internet browser. Use a browser that has an anonymous tab feature. Also, remember that every time before starting a carding you need to clear your browsing history in the browser since different online stores can analyze this.

Using all these tools, you can make a successful purchase on Amazon and all your initial investments will pay off. You should follow my instructions and then you will earn much more. Do everything step by step so that no problems arise. I hope my advice will help you!

In this article, you will read two basic ways to make money on Amazon. The first will be designed for those who use computers and the second – who use mobile devices. These methods are perfect for beginners, as they do not contain super complex alco rhythms of actions. Doing everything that I wrote, you will become professionals in carding on Amazon.

I want to clarify that carding is prohibited in many countries. I write this whole text for educational purposes.

PC carding on Amazon

First, you need to create a new email. It must match the name of the cardholder. For example, if Jonathan West is written in CC, then you need to create an email

 [email protected]

Then you need to connect to the RDP Host, to do this, run Remote Desktop Connection. If for any reason you cannot use RDP, then follow my instructions and follow it step by step so as not to confuse anything.

Change all your MAC addresses using any suitable device.

Then, clean your computer and browser from extraneous things. You can use CCleaner for this. Analyze everything you need.

After that, install socks5 in your browser. I have already described how to do this and why. In short, this is so that you are completely safe.

Then you need to turn on your browser again and go to There you have to show that your IP is on the blacklist. You can also see that the address of the owner of the CC does not match with your one.

After that, open the desired online store. In our case, open Amazon and select from there the product that you need or suits you for any parameters (price, delivery time, etc.) Count on the fact that the goods can be delivered to you for several days or weeks and this can change the course of the whole carding. So choose an online store thoughtfully.

Register an account in the name of the cardholder, using all the information that you received in the CC. Remember that you must use a specific email only once and it must match the name of the cardholder. It will look more convincing.

After you have registered, add your chosen item to the basket. Also, note that you should first order a cheaper item. After you use this account for a cheap product, you can already order something more expensive.

When buying a product, specify your address of receipt of the goods. You can also specify the address of your drop, it will be safer and then you just can not catch.

When you pay for the goods, use all the data specified in the CC. Remember that you need to manually enter information, and not insert it using hotkeys. Some sites have their system of fraud detection, and if you use copy-paste, it may seem suspicious to them. So spend a little more time, but it will guarantee the success of your payment.

Also in the line billing address, enter the address of the cardholder. These data are also listed in CC.

Congratulations, you paid for the goods! After some time, a letter should arrive in your created email, in which the store will indicate all the details of sending your goods. For example, delivery time, track code, and so on. If you did everything right, then you will receive a package.

Mobile carding on Amazon

This way of carding is suitable even for beginners. It is as accessible as possible to all and you will not need to spend a lot of time to sort it out. So do all the instructions that I will write below, and you will be able to earn a lot of money without making much effort.

What do you need to implement this method? It’s simple: CC, browser (preferably using Mozilla Firefox) and high-quality VPN (HideMyAss! Pro VPN)

Instructions for carding using a mobile device:

Use the VPN to make your IPA coincide with the country and city of the cardholder. This is necessary for the store to believe you.

Open your browser and go to any post you want. It is advisable to use some kind of reliable service, for example, Gmail.

Create a new account in the mail, so that it coincides with the name of the cardholder. All the same as with the PC. If the cardholder’s name is Samantha Wei, create a mail [email protected]. Please note that you do not need to use your phone number for this email. Use fake numbers or do not bind the number at all.

After that, go to Amazon and create a new customer account there. Just as in the previous version, use all of the CC data. Do not forget that you can not disable the VPN.

Then select the product you need and add to the cart the account you created earlier.

Log in to your account after 20 minutes and place an order. Remember that you need to specify your delivery address, but billing address – cardholder.

Pay for goods using CC(CVV).

Also, check that the delivery is available in your country or the country of your drop. After that, you will receive an email with the details of the purchase. In this letter, you will immediately see whether the order passed successfully or not.

How can you be sure that your order is successful?

In the mail, you will receive a letter with the confirmation of the order from Amazon. Also, remember that in no case can not reuse the account. Most likely, if you do this, you will be caught.

Why is your order not shipped?

1. The credit card is blocked or has insufficient funds.

2. You did not connect VPN.

3. You did not use my instructions correctly.

4. The bank declined your payment.

90% that doing everything right, everything will be successful. As I said earlier, this is a very simple way and it will not be difficult for you to repeat it. But if it so happened that the order was rejected, try using non-VBV CC next time. This method will work just fine.

You can also use our services to make your carding even more professional.

How can we help you?

If all these methods do not work for you and Amazon refuses to buy you, then contact us and we will order you everything you need.

Especially for you, we can order any electronic gadgets. For example, mobile phones, televisions, game consoles, tablets and so on.

We charge in the form of 30-50 percent of your order. It all depends on how difficult it will be to order the product you need. Also note that we cannot send you the goods by cash on delivery, as we use carding methods.

You pay the prepayment and we start working with the goods. After receiving you pay us the remaining amount.

I hope, our article helped you and you became a more confident carder. I wish you many successful acquisitions using our new methods of carding on Amazon. Good luck!