Best Places to Pass Off Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit money has existed for hundreds of years as it attracts people based on risk, adrenaline, and a willingness to break the rules. Nevertheless, you should remember it’s a dangerous thing. If you still want to spend fake money or you are just interested in this taboo topic, let’s consider ways to pass them off.

Before we start, it’s essential to understand that the amount of money you have plays a crucial role in spending. If you hold small bills, it’s easier to spend them. If you maintain large sums, the risks of being caught will increase, and the ways to pass off the money will shorten significantly.

How to Spend a Small Amount of Fake Money

Let us give you some pieces of advice on the ways to spend your fake gold.


If you are in a small cafe or a bar, you can give fake money as tips for good service. You won’t feel remorse as tips are not required. Thus, there is no difference if you pay them or not. This method works for you if you don’t look to make profits from fake money.

Cash Services

At the same time, crowded bars can be an excellent place to pass off counterfeit notes, not only in terms of tips but also in terms of paying for alcohol. If there are a lot of people, the bartender won’t be able to check your notes.

In general, any other service that accepts cash and has a partially legal business, for example, doing car repairs in a garage, is an option to spend fake money. If they don’t have a cash checker, they will never recognize you paid with fake bills.

Strip Clubs

If you are in a strip club where lots of men give money to strippers, it’s easy to “pay” for a dance with counterfeit bills. Strippers don’t have a money checker behind the scenes. However, this method won’t bring you profit. It’s just a way to spend fake money for fun.  


Similar to strip dancers, prostitutes don’t have a money-checking machine. Nevertheless, we are talking about single prostitutes who offer services separate from any organization. If you pay for a prostitute who works for an organization, it’s better not to joke with her bosses, as illegal businesses use illegal methods to pay the money back.

Vending Machines

Read full manual about fake money and vending machines.

How to Spend a Huge Amount of Counterfeit Money

Try going to drug dealers, maybe? Drug dealers can help you to pass off counterfeit money as they know the dark market well. They can advise you what bill has value on the market and which ones don’t. However, it’s not a good idea to fool the dealers themselves, with fake money, because the experienced ones will get the length of your foot immediately.

To Sum Up

To conclude, before you spend counterfeit money, be sure you won’t get caught. If you plan to pay for a prostitute, don’t go to an organization, choose a single girl. If you pay with cash for a service, be sure it doesn’t have cameras, as they may check who and how much was paid to them. 

Also, keep it as a secret. Individual psychology works against a person when dealing with something illegal. People want to show off when they do something that others are afraid of. But it will work against you in the case of fake money.

Disclaimer: None of the methods mentioned above guarantee your security. You take the full risk for your actions.